Reilly Ward, ESQ.

Reilly Ward joined Trefonas Law in October 2019. After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Alabama School of Law in 2013, she began practicing employment-based immigration in 2014, at a corporate firm in Alabama. Wanting to better serve her immigration clients, she spent a month studying Spanish in Ecuador in 2017, before joining a high-volume business immigration firm in Colorado. Upon moving west, she visited and fell in love with Jackson, WY almost immediately. When she had the opportunity to relocate to Jackson in 2018, and to develop a more general immigration practice in this community, she jumped at the chance to be closer to family, and to help serve the needs of this special community.

Reilly’s expertise is in helping employers secure seasonal workers (for a period of months) and temporary workers (for a period of a few years), as well as attaining permanent (“green card”) work authorization for qualified employees. Examples of positions that Reilly has helped employers fill with foreign-born workers range from seasonal agricultural workers, hotel housekeepers and lift attendants, to world-renowned rodeo cowboys and ski competitors, to equine specialists and veterinarians, big data scientists, software developers, nurses, accountants, and engineers in a variety of disciplines. She also has experience assisting employers of non-US workers in navigating the immigration compliance issues associated with corporate restructuring, such as spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions.

Outside of the office, she does her best to explore as much of Jackson Hole as possible —rafting, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and skiing, while always looking for creative new ways to get outside and enjoy this beautiful landscape.