Knife assailant gets 8 to 10 years in state pen Riley Sills, 42, sentenced for 2020 knife attack on his neighbor.

Throughout the sentencing, Sills and his public defender, Elisabeth Trefonas, said he barely remembered the incident or ensuing law enforcement standoff. They argued that Sills was experiencing a psychotic break that lasted months after the stabbing….

Sills spent 754 days in jail, 80% of that in solitary, and you don’t feel very human,” Trefonas said in court. “When you’re having a psychotic episode, being in solitary is a frightening experience. Our jail is meant to be a temporary holding facility; it’s not meant for over two years of detention.”

After apologizing directly to the victim, who sat in the jury box but declined to give a statement, Sills stated in court that he felt like a broken shell of a man.