Juvenile Justice and Process Questioned

18-year-old flees after child sexual abuse charges: Arrest warrant was issued after defendant failed to appear at a June 17 hearing.

“I’ve had multiple agencies ask me how our county prosecutor’s office treats juveniles and juveniles of color and, to be honest, I don’t know,” Trefonas said. “No one knows but them how they weigh or apply the factors they are required by law to consider.”


The Quiet Force



In many American ski towns, the tourism and services economies would grind to a halt without their Latino populations. In a place like Jackson, Wyoming, the Latino community is a mix of documented immigrants and undocumented workers – many of whom are facing increasing risk of deportation under the current Presidential Administration, often resulting in family separation.

Members of the Latino community ski alongside us, live next door, and participate in the same kids programs and school classes. They build homes and hotels, landscape, paint, clean sheets and towels, stock groceries, and cook in the restaurants we frequent. They keep the machine humming. Yet, we barely notice them.

The documentary film, The Quiet Force, investigates the human and economic impact of hispanic immigrants living in ski towns— specifically, Mammoth, Vail, and Jackson—where they comprise 30 percent (or more) of the local population.