Ski instructor sentenced for child sexual exploitation Michael Adams, 61, pleaded guilty to distributing videos of prepubescent boys.

Trefonas said in the hearing that working with clients like Adams is why she became a public defender and reminded everyone of the human being behind the conviction.

“Michael Adams is not his worst secrets — that’s not who he is as a human being,” Trefonas said. “While at the jail he’s helped several folks learn English, access technology and write.”

In court Adams stated that he believes he can be rehabilitated and that he hopes to return to the community a better person.

“I apologize to the court for having been a part of that victimization process and perpetration,” Adams said. “I’m embarrassed by what could be called a Jekyll and Hyde dichotomy. It may have erupted from events in the distant past.”

Owens said she believes that Adams will receive the treatment he needs, and he’s ready for the hard work ahead of him.

“I hope that when you return to the community that you are that person you hope others are proud to meet,” Owens said. “If there’s any defendant that’s come before this court that seems willing to do the work, that’s you.”